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AR Glass Meshes – FRCM/CRM Systems

‘AR GAVAZZI®’ Meshes made of AR-Glass Fiber for the reinforcement, upgrade and repairing of existing structures and for the construction of new buildings. Why and Where to use AR Glass Meshes

The high Zirconium (ZrO2) content - at least 16% of the yarn weight measured according to the norm UNI EN 15422 - the high quality of the raw materials and the special impregnation process make the AR Glass Meshes of the ‘AR GAVAZZI®’ product line resistant to the alkali contained in the cement matrix and in all lime-based mixes, so that their performance remains stable in time. 

Reinforcement of Load-Bearing Masonry Structures with Inorganic Matrix Composites Fiber 

Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (FRCM) Use of FRCM realised with AR Glass Meshes of the ‘AR GAVAZZI®’ product line on brick, stone or mixed masonry represents a widespread method for the reinforcement and for the seismic improvement of buildings. The reinforcement can be laid on one or both sides of the wall to replace lath, using lime-based mortars conforming to EN 998 norm or cement-based mortars belonging to R2, R3 or R4 Class according to EN 1504. In all cases, the proper design criteria for the application of the reinforcement must be observed.

Composites Reinforced Mortar (CRM) CRM (Composite Reinforced Mortar) reinforcement systems represent an innovative technical solution to be applied on existing brickwork as an alternative to traditional reinforced plaster. Gavazzi® AR Glass Meshes comply with the Qualification Guideline issued by the Italian authorities.  In conformity with the parameters set by the regulations, Gavazzi® offers a complete system including AR fiberglass meshes and pre-formed corner beads - both impregnated with thermosetting resins - and GFRP preformed L-shaped connectors covered with quartz sand to ensure perfect adhesion to the matrix.The reinforcement can be applied either on one side or on both sides of the brickwork, embedded in a cementitious or lime-based structural mortar.

Reinforcement Of Roof Floors And Ceilings  ‘AR GAVAZZI®’ meshes can be applied in extrados to existing brick / concrete roofs in order to improve their resistance. They can also be applied in intrados in order to reduce the risk of collapse and hollow bricks deterioration.

Reinforcement Of Prefabricated Elements Prefabricated façade panels can be produced using ‘AR GAVAZZI®’ Meshes within GRC (Glass Mesh Reinforced Concrete) and TRM (Textile Reinforced Mortar) technologies. ‘AR GAVAZZI®’ Meshes can be used also to produce ligthweight roofing elements for industrial buildings, made of cement-based materials using TRC (Textile Reinforced Concrete) technology.

Reinforcement Of Tunnel Sections  ‘AR GAVAZZI®’ Meshes can be used to reinforce prefabricated tunnel segments for tunnels built with TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine). The tunnel segments have been tested both with permanent and cyclic load on samples reinforced with ‘AR GAVAZZI®’ Meshes.

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