Interior soundproofing wall coverings

Acoustic comfort is the main element that contributes to environmental well-being, improving the life of those who speak, listen and experience the space.
The acoustic insulation of the environments in which we live is gaining great importance in the contemporary dimension, where it is often necessary to preserve silence in order to hear the sound of one's own intimacy.
The new ACUSTIC line is the ideal solution to obtain an acoustic correction in a simple and non-invasive way in any type of environment.

Distinctive elements

ACUSTIC is a glass fiber fabric laminated with a special honeycomb fleece for sound absorption, which adds sound absorbency to the remarkable technical and aesthetic properties common to all GAVATEX® fabrics.
The use of ACUSTIC on the walls and / or ceiling reduces reverberation and absorbs the echo effect, significantly improving the acoustic quality of the environment. The high absorbency of the wall layer allows to significantly reduce the noises coming from the outside and the escape of those emitted inside.
ACUSTIC is not only sound absorbing, but it can also contribute to energy saving.

Excellent mechanical resistance

Fire resistant

Performing and affordable

Long resistance over time

Easy maintenance


Sound insulation in adjacent rooms

Insulation from external noise

Ceiling insulation

High frequency absorption and sound improvement

Insulation of noisy environments

Technical characteristics

  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Sound absorption coefficient αw: 0.25 (H)
  • Sound absorption: class E
  • Noise reduction coefficient (NRC): 0.20
  • Thermal conductivity: value λ (10) = 0.040 [W / (m * K)]

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