Business Ethics

The grounding values of a valuable company

Aware of its role and social responsibility, Gavazzi is committed to respect the rights of workers, in compliance with current regulations, which means:

  • Child labor. Gavazzi neither employs minors nor supports child labor by any means.
  • Forced labor. Gavazzi neither resorts to nor supports any kind of forced labor. The staff is to perform the work activity under the terms of the applicable national collective bargaining agreement.
  • Discrimination. Gavazzi is a multi-ethnic reality enhancing professional and personal skills, regardless of race, sex, social class, religion, country of origin, sexual and political orientation, and other expressions of discrimination.
  • Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining. Gavazzi ensures its workers’ right to join trade unions.

Code of ethics


Business organization model D.L. 231/2001


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