The human value at the core of the company

At Gavazzi any resource is crucial for the development of the fundamental innovation and business improvement process. From the search for the best professionals to their support along their growth within the company, Gavazzi gives particular attention to the choice and care of people. The aim is to bring benefit to each business activity and to contribute to the well-being and growth of people. Gavazzi's human capital is offered a full program of training and updating courses, essential to provide customers with highly reliable and qualified experts.



In a world marked by increasingly hectic changes, staff training is one of the key steps that a company needs to take to be competitive.Gavazzi believes in the ongoing investment in training activities aimed at increasing the technical and transversal skills of its employees, with the aim of:

  • Allow the staff to acquire broad knowledge and skills
  • Filling gaps resulting from changes that may occur
  • Strengthening and consolidating the excellence demonstrated by its employees
  • Complying with all mandatory health and safety training obligations

Safety & Health Policy at the Workplace


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