Composite laminates

Thermoplastic laminates are composed of multilayer reinforcements (UD, fabrics) made from technical fibers pre impregnated by thermoplastic matrix and consolidated by a compression and thermoforming process. The use of the thermoplastic matrix reduces the environmental impact, speeds up and simplifies the production process and can be moulded several times at temperature.

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Distinctive elements

Impact Resistant
High Modulus
Custom Graphic
Flame Retardant Available

Market opportunities

These products are particularly suitable for various markets:

  • Cases: composites impact performance and lightness allow the production of customized items, ranging from suitcases to bags and cases, especially designed for technical equipment
  • Automotive & Transportation: structural and non-structural pieces specifically meant for external and internal panels of cars, vans and boats
  • Sport equipment: the lightweight and exceptional resistance make our composites a versatile solution for sporting applications, such as helmets, boots, skates...
  • Building: non-structural panels for internal decorations, thanks to the optimal balance between lightness and moulding
  • Security & Defense: high impact resistance is suitable for ballistic applications, ranging from general protective equipment to customized solutions
  • Energy: thermoplastic composites are often studied to replace metal solutions. Due to their high mechanical performance and lightweight properties, they are ideal for wind blades and electrical energy 

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