SRPP Composites

SRPP Components

The production of SRPP sheets allows Gavazzi to produce products for various sectors, from luggage to automotive, from oil & gas to sports equipment.
Self-Reinforced PolyPropylene (SRPP) is an innovative composite material characterized by high mechanical and physical performance.


  • Lightness: It has a density of 0.78 g / cm3 which makes it an ultra light material
  • High mechanical performance: Resistance to traction, impact, delamination and penetration. High stiffness and reduced thermal expansion. It also maintains performance even when working at low temperatures (down to -40°);
  • Radiolucency
  • Recyclability

The SRPP panels in all application sectors

The SRPP allows the creation of ultra-light products while maintaining high mechanical performance. At the same time, the laminates can be shaped to measure and with various thicknesses, depending on the needs. For this reason, the application possibilities are many and range in product sectors that are different from each other, for example:




Custom cases

SRPP Gavazzi manufacturing technology

Gavazzi owns a process patent which testifies to the technological know-how acquired over the years. This allows us to provide customers with significant added value also from the point of view of production dynamics, in fact the main advantages are:

  • Production flexibility: Possibility of producing small batches even in different sizes
  • Customizable: Ability to supply printed components with customized graphics and colors. We get to customize every single piece with ad hoc graphics
  • Graphic quality control: Highly qualified personnel who carry out control tests on the graphic quality of products
  • Coupled materials: Possibility of coupling SRPP laminates with other materials (Ex: Sandwich Panels)

SRPP products and the environment

The importance of safeguarding the ecosystem and the environment make SRPP one of the most innovative and important materials in the context of an R&D activity aimed primarily at the use of products that have less and less impact on our planet. Thanks to its intrinsic physical properties, in fact, self-reinforced polypropylene is a completely recyclable material.

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