Manufacturing innovation

Progress rises from the process innovation

Gavazzi counts on deep textile skills, honed along years of experience, to serve manifold sectors and applications with a variety of materials. This technical heritage has been gathered and guarded into the Quality System, so to give life to knowledge and to lead the company towards the development of its projects.

"The Digital Lean Manufacturing is our method. It is a systemic approach which aims at identifying and eliminating wastes and any other activity unable to ensure an added value. At the same time the ongoing improvement of the processes goes hand in hand with the research for perfection.

Innovation and quality are for Gavazzi an operational approach, through processes, products, and, more extendedly, services. It is part of the company’s DNA, which means a customer-oriented know-how.

This is why Gavazzi is committed to some important challenges:

Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement

The Lean manufacturing project hinges upon a guiding principle and two work guidelines:

The guiding principle: people are the key. 
People, values and skills are the main resources of every Company. Ongoing training activities aimed at empowering both operational and soft skills are promoted, granting the development of a working proficiency and the inclusion of people into the value chain.

The two work guidelines:

  • Standing against the 7 MUDA (waste)
  • Ongoing improvement

The Lean Manufacturing pattern provides tools to chart both the manufacturing and the managing corporate processes and to identify all waste sources (MUDA).

Any operation has to basically originate an added value. Each employee is to be considered as an active part of the ongoing improvement.

The added value concept is to be associated to an increased productivity at workshop level, to the elimination of the risk of error (Poka Yoke), to the highest product traceability, to the optimization of resources and to the improvement of customer service – in other words, it means to have what you need when you need it (Just in Time).

Such a strategy has led Gavazzi to re-examine processes, re-write values and to implement all necessary digital and automation tools to face the digital challenge.

4.0 Digitalization and automation

Digitalization and automation encompass all manufacturing and managing processes, aiming at making all repetitive operations more efficient by eliminating all factors of error and by automatizing all replicable processes:

Digitalization of the managing processes

Logistic Automation

Quality control 4.0 and innovation

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