Gavazzi – Past and Present

History and evolution, from the origins to present days


The Gavazzi family set up a silk manufacturing activity. In the early years of the 19th century Pietro Gavazzi, so-called “The Great”, made a sort of “social town” out of the rural village of Valmadrera. The industrial paternalism pattern was actually back in time typical of the entrepreneurial activity.

Primary schools, a kindergarten and Sunday schools for the children of the village were set up inside the plant.

The silkworms out of which the yarn was drawn were raised in the attics of Villa Gavazzi in Valmadrera. A new system was implemented consisting of vertical looms where mulberry branches were placed.


The "Società Acc. Gavazzi & C." was founded by Piero and Ludovico Gavazzi. The Company has two plants: one in Valmadrera since 1881 and one in Calolziocorte since 1885.


The company conquered shares of the main international markets with its wide range of ribbons for the fashion and tailoring industry.


The Company changed name into “Società An. Gavazzi & Co.”


N.I.R.  (Nastrifici Italiani Riuniti) was created as a result of the merge between the “Società An. Gavazzi & Co.” and the “Società An. Industriale Sestese”.


Giuseppe Gavazzi, Piero’s son, founded the “Società An. Nastrificio Italiano Ing. Piero Gavazzi Spa”, got at the head of N.I.R and purchased the plant in Calolziocorte. This was one of the most advanced and complete plants in Europe, where all kinds of technical and scientific achievements had been introduced.


Pier Felice Gavazzi’s grandson and Giuseppe’s son Emanuele Torrani took over the company, starting a radical transformation of the manufacturing process: the production was shifted from the ribbons to the technical fabrics for the industry, introducing glass fiber and other technical fibers.


The finishing plant in Arcore started operations.


The weaving plant in Arcore opened.


The Quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001 was obtained.


The new plant in Cisano Bergamasco started the production of glass and aramid fiber multiaxials, together with polyester fabrics.


The ribbons manufacturing department for the fashion industry was closed down and the company took the name of “Gavazzi Tessuti Tecnici SpA Socio Unico”.


The new Logistic Center opened.


Emanuele Torrani left the company’s management to his son Nicolò.


Works began on a major renovation of the Calolziocorte production site, reinforcing all the insoles with an anti-vibration system in order to expand the weaving rooms, as well as arranging the company canteen, the infirmary and the office area.


The weaving department in Arcore was moved to the plant in Calolziocorte.


End of the renovation works at the headquarter in Calolziocorte.


The Management System Certificate UNI EN ISO 50001 was obtained.

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